The Independent Supporters Council is a collective that is here to promote supporters’ culture and advocate for fair treatment of supporters, both at home and on the road. We also serve as a resource for our members to share information about supporters’ issues. There are more than 90 members of the Independent Supporters Council in the US and Canada between MLS, NWSL, USL, NPSL, UPSL, and CPL.

We EDUCATE on supporters culture, soccer, and best practices.
We SUPPORT each other to show solidarity in growing supporters culture and our teams in a way that aligns with our charter.
We ADVOCATE for supporters, home or away, to the leagues of play as a collective voice to see consistency and fairness in policy and treatment.
We COLLABORATE with our members for best practices and any other questions they may have.
We AMPLIFY the work that our member organizations do in their community to strengthen the bonds between team and town.
We SHARE our ideas for how supporters culture can evolve, include all who want to participate, and remain distinctly North American.
We STAND for and with each other whenever there are questions about our purpose, goals, tactics, or tools.

Through these actions, we seek to grow supporters culture in the United States and Canada in a positive and inclusive manner.


  1. Statement of Purpose
    The Supporters’ Council exists to:


    1. Advocate for the fair treatment of home and away supporters;

    2. Promote the expression of supporter culture throughout the United States and Canada;

    3. Allow supporters’ groups to share information and resources for the advancement of supporter culture; and

    4. Oppose racism and bias in all forms, whether from supporters or from team management.

  2. Supporters’ Bill of Rights
    The Supporters’ Council will work to ensure the rights of all home and away supporters at any stadium in the United States and Canada to:

    1. A place in each stadium for home and away supporters to stand, sing, and cheer;

    2. The use of all safe, legal methods of showing support, including but not limited to flags, banners, drums, instruments, overhead banners and safe pyrotechnics;

    3. Clear and consistent written guidelines for home and away supporters;

    4. Minimum league standards for the accommodation of away supporters;

    5. Security personnel with an understanding of and training in supporter culture; and

    6. Consistent, fair, race-neutral, evenhanded and evidence-based enforcement of stadium rules and regulations.

  3. Council Members and Delegates

    1. A member of the ISC shall be defined as: a delegation of supporters of a soccer team playing in leagues in the US and Canada.

    2. Each team’s delegation in good standing shall have one vote on the council.

      1. If members of the team’s delegation do not agree, the vote shall be counted as an abstention.

      2. Good Standing shall be considered to be having no outstanding debt from ISC events or initiatives.

      3. For League-specific issues, only members from that league receive a vote.

    3. The Supporters’ Council has no standing budget and acts entirely through its member Supporters’ Groups and associations and volunteers. Each project sponsor supporter group or association shall be responsible for up front expenses, to be reimbursed equally from member teams’ delegations. A detailed accounting of those expenses must be made available to all members prior to reimbursement.

    4. Each Supporters’ Group or Association that has been approved for membership has the right to appoint a delegate or delegates (up to two per Supporters’ Group or Association) to the Council.

    5. Each delegate is entitled to participate in discussion and bring motions before the Council in accordance with procedures established by the Council.

    6. The Council will maintain a list of groups eligible to ratify this Charter and participate in the Council, which may be added to by vote of the Council.


This document contains the bylaws adopted to date by the ISC membership.


    1. Membership is open to any independent, organized supporters’ group following any soccer team playing in the United States or Canada or in one of those countries’ leagues.

    2. To be eligible to join the ISC, a supporters’ group must adopt and agree to the Charter and Supporters’ Bill of Rights.

    3. Eligible supporters’ groups may join the ISC by making a motion for their own admission by the usual means for making motions. Regardless of the rules applied for ordinary motions, the groups shall be admitted as a member if, fourteen days after the motion for is admission is made or at any time thereafter,

      1. at least three current members have voted to approve its membership, and

      2. no current member has voted to refuse the candidate group membership or objected to its membership or eligibility.

    4. If any current member votes to disapprove or to object to a group’s membership, the candidate group must then be admitted by motion using the ISC’s ordinary processes for making and adopting motions.


    1. Every supporters’ group that is a member of the Council has the right to appoint one or more representatives authorized to cast its votes in Council meetings.

    2. If a group appoints multiple delegates, it may still record only one vote on any motion. If two authorized representatives of the same member cast conflicting votes, the vote shall be recorded as an abstention.

    3. Any group that for any reason does not have an authorized representative is considered inactive.

    4. A member that has not participated in any in-person meeting or online discussion for one year may be declared inactive by the following process:

      1. Any existing member may make a motion to declare a member or members “inactive.”

      2. The member shall be declared inactive and moved to the inactive rolls if, fourteen days after the motion is made, no current member has objected to the designation.

      3. A member may object to its own designation as “inactive.”

    5. An inactive member may regain its active status immediately at any time by making a statement to that effect at a public meeting or in writing by any means in which motions may be made, indicating that the group is active and naming its current authorized representative.

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