The process of creating a new Supporters’ Shield was a long and rewarding endeavor.  Over the past few years, through the Independent Supporters Council of the United States and Canada (ISC),  we have brought supporters group leadership from across the league together to achieve a common goal.  The Shield has been a shining example of the positive collaboration that can be achieved even between the largest of rivals. We believe that this award holds a unique place in the history of this league and the game in this country. The Supporters Shield Foundation is a separate entity from the Independent Supporters Council. All of their information can be found at

Thank you to all those that have been committed to this cause from the origination in 1997 through today.  To look back at the evolution of supporters over the years is amazing. We hope that we have made everyone proud in this new embodiment of the idea.

What is the Supporters’ Shield Foundation?
The Supporters’ Shield Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 created to fund, promote, and protect the Supporters’ Shield.  The Foundation is responsible for overseeing its intellectual property and restricting commercial use of the award.  The officers of the foundation are elected annually by the Independent Supporters Council.


Is this award only for those supporter groups in the ISC?
No.  The creation of the new award is done by the ISC for the benefit of all supporters.  The Shield was created as a gift to both the league and its supporters in 1998.  We continue that vision by presenting this updated trophy to the league and all of its supporters. 


Sean Dane

SKC Cauldron
Sporting Kansas City

Steve Ferrezza

Empire Supporters Club
Red Bull New York

Phil Tobin
Red Patch Boys
Toronto FC

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