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The Independent Supporters Council is a collective that is here to promote supporters’ culture and advocate for fair treatment of supporters, both at home and on the road. We also serve as a resource for our members to share information about supporters’ issues. There are more than 125 members of the Independent Supporters Council in the US and Canada between MLS, NWSL, USL, NPSL, WPSL, NISA, and CPL.

We EDUCATE on supporters culture, soccer, and best practices.
We SUPPORT each other to show solidarity in growing supporters culture and our teams in a way that aligns with our charter.
We ADVOCATE for supporters, home or away, to the leagues of play as a collective voice to see consistency and fairness in policy and treatment.
We COLLABORATE with our members for best practices and any other questions they may have.
We AMPLIFY the work that our member organizations do in their community to strengthen the bonds between team and town.
We SHARE our ideas for how supporters culture can evolve, include all who want to participate, and remain distinctly North American.
We STAND for and with each other whenever there are questions about our purpose, goals, tactics, or tools.

Through these actions, we seek to grow supporters culture in the North America in a positive and inclusive manner.


The Independent Supporters Council (ISC) unites with soccer supporter groups globally to promote a message of diversity, equity, and inclusion, whether on the pitch, in the stands, or within our greater communities. We are steadfast in our opposition of all forms of discrimination. Through our alliances, we cultivate a community of support in which individualism and passion are encouraged, expressed, and supported, regardless of differences. ISC strives to hold ourselves to these commitments not only in words, but through deeds and actions. We will lead by example to continue building a soccer community that reflects the identities of the communities we serve.


The Independent Supporters Council is an organization with over 125 members in MLS, NWSL, USL, NPSL, WPSL, NISA, and CPL based in North America. We are deeply committed to creating and providing a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming soccer community rooted in the following statutes and principles:


  • We do not tolerate discrimination of any individuals on any grounds including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, national origin, legal status, religion, socioeconomic status, education, language, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental ability, or physical capability. We believe our diversity is a point of strength within our organization and adds value to all of our work.

  • We reject violence, both verbal and physical.

  • We promote and advocate for the positive free expression of supporter culture, including values such as fair play and good governance throughout North America.

  • We commit to provide educational opportunities for our members and the greater soccer community as we seek to create, strengthen, and sustain inclusive environments.


The proactive support of ALL of these principles is essential for any membership within ISC and the participation in any of ISC's actions and events. 

Members of ISC are strongly urged to adopt their own “Code of Conduct” and are expected to hold their members accountable to their own group. In addition, ISC members are accountable for following their respective team’s and league’s supporters’ codes of conduct that have been written and adopted.

Member groups who violate the statutes and principles set in this document will be subject to review by an ethics committee per guidelines stated in the ISC By-Laws. In the instance that an ethics committee is formed in regards to a statutes’ violation, a member of the DEI committee will be selected to serve on the ethics committee. Ultimately, member groups may be subject to removal from the Independent Supporters Council if suggested by an ethics committee with supporting evidence and voted on by the Council. 

*We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters at Football Supporters Europe in regards to statutes and principles set for supporters worldwide.

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