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Save the U.S. Open Cup

In late 2023, it was announced that Major League Soccer would be pulling its first teams out of the U.S. Open Cup in 2024 and sending the MLS Next Pro squads in their place. We took a firm stance against this decision, while we awaited to hear how discussions between the U.S. Soccer Federation and MLS would go.

After months of discussion, it was decided that 8 MLS teams would join the tournament, but this is not good enough. As supporters, we must be the stewards of history, upholding the tournament's historical value and exemplifying why it matters to all groups on all levels.

Below, you will find ways you can show your support for the U.S. Open Cup both in and out of the stadium. We invite you to join us as we help preserve this historic tournament.

Join the Movement:
Unite to Preserve the Legacy of the US Open Cup

With the latest developments regarding the Open Cup, we're adopting an idea initiated by MLS groups and extending it to the entire Council. As supporters, we must be the stewards of history, upholding the tournament's historical value and exemplifying why it matters to all groups on all levels. To facilitate this, we've devised a spreadsheet covering each day to the Round of 32 (May 7), when all teams will officially join the tournament. We encourage all members to sign up for a day and craft social media posts on Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, explaining why the Open Cup holds significance for their SG (members can find this sign-up spreadsheet in Slack or in the newsletter). Tag ISC (@iscsupporters) and/or collaborate with us for joint posts, using the hashtags #SaveUSOC and #SaveTheCup.


As you share, we'll reshare your stories on social media and compile your stories into blogs on our website, documenting the Open Cup's impact on supporters and soccer in the United States. Our aim is to highlight the tournament's importance to our SGs and demonstrate its widespread significance.

USOC Share your story - 04March2023.png

Does someone in your group have a larger story to tell?

If your group, you, or someone within it has a personal USOC experience or photo(s), we welcome longer narratives in addition to short social media posts or videos. These will be featured as a collection of stories and history on our website. If you don't have a personal story, consider reaching out to an "alumni" who might be willing to share theirs. We can't wait to hear and share these important moments.


What about in-stadium displays?

We strongly encourage groups to organize in-stadium displays to protest the current situation with USOC. Even if your team is currently participating in the tournament, it remains crucial to exert pressure on MLS, as they continue to undermine the reach and significance of the USOC.


Whether your USOC story is two sentences or two pages, it’s vital to amplify the significance of The Cup. We urge you and your communities to do so. When you take action, tag us, share on Slack, and/or use the hashtags #SaveTheCup #SaveUSOC.


We ask that you share this message with your community members as we encourage supporters to share their USOC memories.

Save the U.S. Open Cup Scarf


We are excited to announce that the "Save the Open Cup" scarf is officially available for pre-order! We have partnered up with Olive & York to launch this item (design from our members, STL Santos) that can be taken into stadiums and not to show our support for our beloved tournament, the U.S. Open Cup.

Even more, we felt that beyond taking messaging inside stadiums and online, we needed to do more to support this historic tournament. All proceeds from the sales will be going to the U.S. Adult Soccer Association to help finance amateur teams during the 2024 Open Cup.


As of March 13, over 100 scarves have been sold with $1000 being raised. Our goal? 1000 scarves to raise $10,000!


Support our efforts with the U.S. Open Cup by pre-ordering your scarf today!

Your Support On Display

Many of our groups have taken to displays inside their stadiums to show support for the U.S. Open Cup. Check them out below! Have pictures from your own group/team? Share them with us by emailing


TheCup.US is a website that has dedicated itself to documenting the history of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. We encourage everyone to check out their website to read up on the history of the U.S. Open Cup throughout the decades of its existence. 

Want to support the work they do? Join their Patreon here.

You can also follow them on social media:

Twitter/X: @USOpenCup

Instagram: @USOpenCup

Facebook: /USOpenCup

Youtube: @TheCupUS

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