November 14, 2019

Today, the Independent Supporters Council participated in another follow up call with Major League Soccer and members of Timbers Army, Gorilla FC, and Emerald City Supporters. We continue to be encouraged by the work and commitment that has been done by not only those involved, but those who have supported during this ongoing process.

In our first call after the initial meetings, we identified and confirmed organizations with...

September 25, 2019

Earlier today, executives from Major League Soccer conducted a teleconference call with leaders of the Independent Supporters Council and supporter groups for the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders FC to discuss the MLS Fan Code of Conduct.  MLS President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott and leaders of the supporter groups provided the following statements after today’s call:

MLS President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abb...

August 22, 2019

The Independent Supporters Council has opened up a portion of our website for #AUnitedFront facts, desired changes we would like to discuss, and is asking for help collecting data around all leagues.

You can now access this under "About Us" ---> "#AUnitedFront".

We believe that collecting ample data will help us show that substantial change must happen. We appreciate your help while we navigate the waters of working with our cl...

August 1, 2019

FARE has contacted us to let our members know that #FootballPeople Action Week grants have opened up to people internationally. If you are interested in hosting an event, please check out the link below for more information. Deadline is August 11 for grant applications and events need to take place between October 10 and 24. Formal and informal groups may apply. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to FARE at info@far...

July 17, 2019

During the 2019 Conference, groups came together to discuss on how to help promote the NWSL during the year and how other groups in other leagues can support our brothers and sisters in our NWSL membership. One of the ideas presented was for MLS SG's in markets with NWSL team's to do a night out to their NWSL side. This is just what the Screaming Eagles did with the Spirit Squadron. We talked to James Lambert, President of Scr...

June 28, 2019

As we approach what may arguably be the biggest game of the World Cup, it’s hard to ignore all of the excitement surrounding our national team. No, not the men… the women. With a celebrated history of unofficial international tournaments, fighting for recognition of the game to FIFA, and then finally having the first Women’s World Cup in 1991, the United States has been at the forefront, winning 3 titles and having even more r...

May 31, 2019

In the month of June, the Independent Supporters Council is teaming up with Soccer v Homophobia to ask all fans to take the pledge against homophobia in their home stadiums.  The Independent Supporters Council believes that no matter of a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression that ALL are welcome in the beautiful game of soccer. Human rights are not political and it is our duty as fans to ensure that peop...

May 30, 2019

Our members, Vancouver Southsiders, have been working non-stop to work with the club in regards to the scandals surrounding the club. We asked for them to give us an update on happenings during May so that we may keep up with what is going on. Please read all the information provided to us below.

Supporters met with ownership and executives for the second time May 7th, to discuss the walkout protests and the scandals surroundin...

April 29, 2019

In the past few months, the Independent Supporters Council has been keeping an eye on events across the league in regards to the newly published Supporters Code of Conduct. We were especially concerned with the term “political” in the new Code of Conduct as it pertains to supporters being able to visually show support for initiatives that we hold important and that align with the MLS “Soccer for All” campaign.

After speaking wi...

April 15, 2019

On March 9, Atlanta United Supporters,including our members Terminus Legion and Footie Mob, held an event at an Atlanta United Block Party to benefit children with cancer.  

Terminus Legion President, Domer Donaldson, and Board Member, Jason Wells, spearheaded the effort, each raising over $1000 for the cause, with the other supporter groups supporting as well. Huge thanks to Christian Vite from Barbearia for donating...

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