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Save The U.S. Open Cup Scarves - Pre-Orders Open!

We are excited to announce that the "Save the Open Cup" scarf is officially available for pre-order! We have partnered up with Olive & York to launch this item (design from our members, STL Santos) that can be taken into stadiums and not to show our support for our beloved tournament, the U.S. Open Cup.

Even more, we felt that beyond taking messaging inside stadiums and online, we needed to do more to support this historic tournament. All proceeds from the sales will be going to the U.S. Adult Soccer Association to help finance amateur teams during the 2024 Open Cup.

As of March 13, over 100 scarves have been sold with $1000 being raised. Our goal? 1000 scarves to raise $10,000!

Support our efforts with the U.S. Open Cup by pre-ordering your scarf today!


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