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ISC Expresses Concern Over Major League Soccer's Decision to Withdraw First Teams From US Open Cup

The Independent Supporters Council (ISC), representing dedicated soccer fans across North America, voices deep concern regarding Major League Soccer's (MLS) decision to withdraw their first teams from the US Open Cup.

The US Open Cup, steeped in over a century of tradition, embodies the true spirit of American soccer, connecting the grassroots to the professional tiers in a unique and historic competition. This tournament is not just a series of matches; it is a symbol of the sport's authenticity and diversity, showcasing talent from all levels of the soccer pyramid.

MLS's withdrawal of their first teams from the Cup is not only a disservice to the fans but also to the sport itself. It undermines the inclusive nature of American soccer, where dreams and ambitions are nurtured on the principle of open competition. The decision threatens to erode the very foundations of the sport's heritage and its connection to communities.

We urge MLS to reconsider its position for the sake of the sport's integrity and its fans. The US Open Cup represents a critical link between the various echelons of American soccer, and its value in fostering competition, community spirit, and national soccer identity is irreplaceable.

In solidarity with fans and teams across the United States, the ISC stands committed to preserving the traditions and authenticity of American soccer. We believe in an inclusive and dynamic sport that honors its past while forging its future, and we hope to see MLS return to this esteemed competition.

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