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A Letter Regarding COVID-19

Supporters and Fans,

Today, we learned that Major League Soccer and United Soccer League Championship have both suspended play for 30 days in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. While the Independent Supporters Council believes this is the right decision, we are still saddened by the news: we know that there were many factors under consideration in this decision, and we understand that nobody wants to take this drastic of a step, but the health of everyone in our soccer communities is the highest priority.

While we’re away from our beloved game days, we encourage supporters and fans alike to continue to support their teams and communities in various ways. Many of our member organizations are putting together plans to support people who may be affected by this suspension of play. We encourage you to be kind and patient with your club, as many of the people associated with the club are also reeling with the impacts of this decision. Consider using the money you might usually spend on game day and visit a nearby establishment, where those working on hourly wages may not be getting the same traffic they would if there were a game. Look into what is needed in your local communities such as food banks, where there may be shortages due to the current situation, and consider supporting those organizations however you can. This is the time for us to truly show the power of our community.

When play resumes, we will return to our stadiums with enthusiasm and passion, but right now is the time to focus on supporting those around us who need it most. We look forward to seeing everyone flying their colors proudly again, soon.

With Passion,

Bailey Brown

ISC President

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