Soccer v Homophobia 2019 - Take the Pledge

In the month of June, the Independent Supporters Council is teaming up with Soccer v Homophobia to ask all fans to take the pledge against homophobia in their home stadiums. The Independent Supporters Council believes that no matter of a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression that ALL are welcome in the beautiful game of soccer. Human rights are not political and it is our duty as fans to ensure that people feel safe inside our stadiums. Join us in taking the pledge. Jump onto the social media platform of your choice and post video of you taking the pledge or even just a picture with, "I took the pledge!" and make sure you use the hashtag #SvH2019. We can't wait to see

UPDATE: Vancouver Southsiders

Our members, Vancouver Southsiders, have been working non-stop to work with the club in regards to the scandals surrounding the club. We asked for them to give us an update on happenings during May so that we may keep up with what is going on. Please read all the information provided to us below. Supporters met with ownership and executives for the second time May 7th, to discuss the walkout protests and the scandals surrounding the club. In that meeting, we pleaded with them to engage with their former players on their terms. This meant setting up a meeting between ownership and the former players without the Whitecaps executives involvement, as some of them were the same people who were in

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