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Meet Black Fires

Leading up to our 2021 Juneteenth celebrations, the Independent Supporters Council is introducing you to some of the black culture supporter groups in the United States. We encourage you to read about their stories and support them through amplifying their messages, participating in their events, or any other way possible.

Black Fires - Chicago Fire/Chicago Red Stars Twitter - @fires_black // Instagram - @blackfiressoccer

When did Black Fires form? Black Fires formed in 2018.

Why did Black Fires form? We saw a lack of inclusion of African American and African influence and supporters in the stands and on social media, not just in Chicago, but across the soccer community. We decided that must and will change.

What does Juneteenth mean to Black Fires? It means honoring the past, but most importantly, looking forward to the work and the struggle that is coming before us in the future.

Is your group doing anything to celebrate Juneteenth? If so, tell us about what you're working on.

We’ll be working with the Chicago Red Stars to host a Juneteenth tailgate and expo for the game against the Washington Spirit. Other Black organizations will be there to share information about how to give back to the Black community of Chicago, and we’ll be celebrating our culture all night and playing music, hanging out with each other, and bringing food we enjoy. Black history is also carried through Black joy.

How can people join your group or support your group?

Just find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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