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ISC Calls For Equality and Safety From FC Cincinnati and US Open Cup For Away Fans

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It has come to the attention of supporters and fans not just of FC Cincinnati and Detroit City FC, or even just USL supporters and fans, but to all fans and supporters of soccer in the United States that there have been missteps made by the FC Cincinnati front office in regards to ticketing and security for the upcoming U.S. Open Cup game against Detroit City FC. The Independent Supporters Council calls on FC Cincinnati and the U.S. Open Cup Committee to take into consideration regulation needed in regards to ticketing and security moving forward for not just the U.S. Open Cup, but all matches.

Home and away supporters are the core of the United States and Canadian soccer culture. It is of the utmost importance that there is fair and equal treatment in regards to ticketing and security. It is understood that many organizations will choose smaller facilities, but said organizations also need to take into consideration the planning with this. FC Cincinnati opened their ticketing before their opponent was determined in a smaller venue. Tickets sold out 8 hours before the match that determined the opponent even started. Once the opponent had been determined, it was discussed that there would be an allocation available to Detroit City FC fans and that they would work with the Detroit City FC front office. After all was said and done, only 50 tickets were made available to the Detroit City FC front office. 40 of these are required by U.S. Open Cup policy to made available upon request. Out of these 50, only 28 are available to fans/supporters. This is unacceptable and causes price gouging to the away support that is integral to the culture of North American soccer. In addition, fans should be able to travel and know that their saf

ety is being taken care of by the home team. FC Cincinnati has told visiting supporters that they cannot provide any security away from the actual field, including the parking garage, nor can they secure fans that they won’t have the police called on them for trespassing. This is unacceptable as well.

Because of these conditions, the Independent Supporters Council is calling for the following:

  1. FC Cincinnati to make safety accommodations for ALL fans both home and away. When securing a playing site, working with the local police and/or contract security to make sure that the safety of all attending the event is of the utmost importance.

  2. Open communication with the supporters of the away team with a call that goes through protocol prior to the game to ensure that regulations and safety are being addressed on both sides with a visiting supporters document.

  3. U.S. Open Cup to amend their ticketing policy to require a set deadline and percentage of 5% of capacity designated for away fan tickets as well as a designated away fan section at each home venue prior to the semifinals and finals.

As an organization that exists to promote the fair and equal treatment of supporters home and away, we look forward to the opportunities ahead to work with all parties involved to make sure that this does not happen in the future.

Independent Supporters Council


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