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Ticket Pricing Caps And Allotment Set For Major League Soccer Post-Season

Starting with the 2023 MLS Playoffs, the Independent Supporters Council has secured ticket pricing caps along with new allotment guidelines. The intention is that this will continue into the 2024 season. All clubs have received these policies at this time. We are excited this progress has been made and believe it will be very beneficial to all supporters moving forward.

Pricing Caps

Away ticket prices cannot exceed 10% higher than the home season ticket price for that section. If the face value is lower than 10% of the STM price for that section, face value pricing will be applied (lower of the two). All clubs had to submit pricing to MLS for confirmation of following the policy.

Playoff Ticketing Allotment

The home club will hold a minimum number of tickets in the designated section for the visiting supporter groups as defined below. This should be done in good faith and in discussion with the away club. ISC MLS members should check their emails for more details on away ticketing allotment deadlines for the 2023 Playoffs.

Allotment Numbers:

  • Wild Card = 100 tickets

  • Round 1 Best-of-3 Series = 200 tickets per match

  • Conference Finals = 200 tickets

  • Conference Semifinal = 200 tickets

  • MLS Cup Final = more information to come

Once again, we are excited about this news and are thankful for the work put in by our contacts at Major League Soccer who were also committed to this progress in ticketing for supporters and fans.


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