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ISC Heads to Montreal in 2024!

It’s that time when we all start prepping for the next ISC Conference. 1642MTL and ISC are diligently working to plan the best conference possible, taking place the weekend of January 18-20, 2024 in Montreal, Quebec. We hope that all of our member groups will be joining us in the Great White North. Why do we meet every year? A conference for soccer supporter groups holds paramount importance in the realm of the beautiful game. Soccer transcends geographical and cultural boundaries to unite millions of passionate fans across North America and even the globe. These dedicated supporters, a.k.a. YOU, are organized into diverse and vibrant fan clubs. You all play a pivotal role in shaping the sport's culture, ambiance, and overall fan experience. 


In recognition of your profound influence, and to share with one another how we can all grow to have an even greater influence, the conference is dedicated to supporter groups as a crucible of ideas, innovation, and collaboration. It serves as a platform for ardent supporters to convene, share their experiences, exchange best practices, and foster a more profound sense of community, all while amplifying their collective voice in the ever-evolving world of soccer. This gathering not only celebrates unwavering dedication but also enhances the capacity of all of us to positively impact the sport we cherish, making it an indispensable event on the global soccer calendar. 

What do we need from you? To help plan for this year's events, we ask that supporter group representatives please fill out the Conference Interest Form that can be found in our newsletter or Slack. We understand that some groups may not have secured their exact number of attendees yet (if any), but we ask you to provide an optimistic number of attendees that will allow us to better coordinate event planning.


Why Should You Attend? There are so many reasons why you and your supporter group should attend the ISC Conference. We’ve narrowed it down to ten of the most compelling reasons: 1. Knowledge Sharing: Conference provides a unique opportunity for supporters to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences. From organizing game-day events to promoting fan culture, attendees can gain valuable insights and best practices to improve their own supporter groups.

2. Networking: Meeting supporters from different clubs, regions, and even countries can lead to meaningful connections. Networking with like-minded fans can foster collaborations, friendships, and partnerships that can enhance the fan experience and create lasting memories.

3. Learning Opportunities: Conference features workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speakers who are experts in various aspects of supporter culture, soccer fandom, and related fields. These sessions can help attendees gain knowledge and skills they can apply to their own supporter activities.

4. Advocacy and Influence: Soccer supporter groups can be influential voices within the sport. Attending Conference allows these groups to strategize and coordinate efforts to advocate for positive changes, such as improved fan safety, stadium amenities, or fan engagement initiatives.

5. Community Building: Conference serves as a gathering place for supporters who share a deep passion for the sport. These events promote a sense of belonging and unity among attendees, reinforcing the idea that they are part of a larger, global soccer community.

6. Inspiration: Hearing success stories and experiences from other supporter groups can inspire attendees to take their own initiatives to the next level. It can encourage creativity and innovation within their own fan groups.

7. Promoting Positive Fan Culture: In an era where negative aspects of fan behavior sometimes overshadow the sport worldwide, Conference can emphasize the importance of promoting respectful and positive fan culture. Attendees can discuss ways to combat discrimination and bigotry in soccer, and how to deal with other, sometimes present, blights upon our soccer community.

9. Influence on the Game: Soccer supporter groups have the power to influence club decisions, policies, and even the atmosphere within stadiums. Attending Conference allows supporters to share ideas on how to enhance the overall soccer experience, from fan engagement to matchday rituals.

10. Fun: You get to have fun and celebrate with friends from all over North America!


In short, the ISC Conference is a vital platform for Supporters to learn, connect, and collaborate. It empowers supporter groups to grow, thrive, and positively impact the sport we all love while fostering a sense of camaraderie. Still Undecided? If you're still undecided about making the trip, here are supporters sharing their own personal conference experiences: “One of the greatest benefits of attending the ISC conference is connecting with folks from other SGs on a personal level. You'll gain not only knowledge and resources to take back to your group, but also guidance on navigating through the tough times. The ISC conference is part educational, part social, part therapeutic.” - Jen Muller, Cloud 9 “I think everyone should attend an ISC conference. Not only is the information shared helpful, but the relationships built are vital. Helping run an SG is tiring and difficult, but it's also fun and rewarding and this conference is a reminder of all the good.” - Mary Pruter, Uproar 

“The biggest benefit of attending Conference the biggest benefit is the connections and experiences you gain from others. Coming from a lower-league background, it's great to be able to talk with people from groups with a bit more experience and knowledge than ourselves.” - Bradley Delmar, Dutch Guard “ISC is a great way to connect with other supporter groups, problem solve solutions to issues all ISGs face, and help grow support for the beautiful game.” - Nate Zell, The Citizens SG 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, and thank you for helping us prepare for the 2024 Annual ISC Conference. Bienvenue a Montreal! *All reps should check Slack and/or their emails with information on the Conference Interest Form, hotel booking, flight discounts through AirCanada, and more! Official RSVPs for attendance will begin in December!*


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