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An Update from Cloud 9

Jennifer Muller from Cloud 9, the supporters group for Sky Blue FC, gives us an update on the situation for their team as well as how we can continue to support them.

In early July, post-game comments from former Sky Blue FC player Sam Kerr spurred a string of exposés detailing the poor conditions and unprofessional environment that players have had to endure over the years. These articles were published by The Equalizer, Once A Metro, and Deadspin. Sky Blue owners, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Bed, Bath & Beyond CEO Steven Temares, responded to the press with vague soundbites, while General Manager and President Tony Novo responded with denial and deflection.

Over the course of the following month, players met with ownership and management to address their concerns. While a couple areas were addressed, such as past-due travel reimbursements, it was clear that long-term, positive change would be difficult, if not impossible, under the current management structure. After learning this, Cloud 9 released a statement calling for the dismissal of GM Tony Novo.

At the conclusion of the NWSL season, with still no sign of change for the better, we resolved to continue fighting for our players. As goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan said, "I think that everybody needs to hold Sky Blue accountable. The biggest thing is to not forget about it, because it’s easy to say it one day and to forget about it." So that's exactly what we've been doing since October. We've posted a series of Twitter rants each week touching on various aspects of the Sky Blue debacle in hopes of keeping the conversation going and sending a message to the team and the league that we will not let them forget about the issues at hand.

As of now many Cloud 9 members, including drummers and capos, have not renewed their tickets for the 2019 season. They are holding out until there are concrete changes, including the dismissal of Tony Novo as President and GM. We do not know what the season will hold for us as far as in stadium activity is concerned, but we vow to continue supporting our players and keeping a light on the problems at Sky Blue. As we prepare to increase the pressure on our club and league, we ask our fellow ISC members to help amplify our message. Stay tuned. We're not done yet.

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