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2023 Annual Front Office Ratings

The Independent Supporters Council is excited about the launch of our "Annual Front Office Ratings". During the 2023 Annual Conference, it was discussed and decided to no longer award the "Front Office of the Year" award and to move to a system that better recognized all front offices while also allowing for the identification of areas of needed growth. Throughout the year, ISC reps have been meeting to develop a new rating system for our groups to use to give both quantitative and qualitative feedback to their front offices for six different categories. The categories are as follows:

  1. Away Travel*

  2. Front Office Communication and Transparency

  3. Home Game Ticketing

  4. In-Stadium Experience

  5. Community Engagement

  6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Groups will rate and give feedback about their own team in all categories EXCEPT for Away Travel. Away Travel will completed through the listed Away Travel Representatives on file. Once completed, clubs will be given an overall rating based on the average of all of the subcategories except Away Travel (for the 2023 season ONLY).

*For the 2023 season, Away Travel scores will not be reflected in the final average due to the possibility of incomplete data.

Once completed, the Independent Supporters Council will publish these reports publicly and share them with the league offices that we work directly with. All groups are also encouraged to send their completed copy directly to their front office as a way to develop talking points for the next year. We look forward to sharing all of the completed scorecards around the new year with the greater North American soccer community. If you are an ISC rep, please check your email for more information on how to complete the scorecard for your supporter group.

We would like to give a special thanks to our ISC reps Andrew Tucker (The Third Rail), Aoife Creighton (Midnight Riders), Bradley Delmar (Dutch Guard), Heather Borjon (Angel City Valkyries, Jon Hunt (The Railbirds), and Meghan Dendorfer (Tower Bridge Battalion) for their hard work on these rubrics.


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