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Coming Together for Women's Soccer

During the 2019 Conference, groups came together to discuss on how to help promote the NWSL during the year and how other groups in other leagues can support our brothers and sisters in our NWSL membership. One of the ideas presented was for MLS SG's in markets with NWSL team's to do a night out to their NWSL side. This is just what the Screaming Eagles did with the Spirit Squadron. We talked to James Lambert, President of Screaming Eagles, to see how the night went. Check out his thoughts and pictures from the night below.

1. What sparked the idea of Screaming Eagles going to support the Washington Spirit with Spirit Squadron? The Spirit were retiring the number of Joanna Lohman alongside their Pride celebration. Jo has been a long-time friend of the Screaming Eagles and we wanted to be there to honor her. 2. Why do both groups think it's important to support NWSL endeavors? The mission of the Screaming Eagles is to increase support for soccer generally in the Washington area. In order to do that, you've got to show up and "support your local." The Spirit Squadron do that each and every match. Plus, it's more live top shelf soccer. Nothing wrong with that!

3. How do you think the night went overall? Other than the result (a scoreless draw), the night was a success. During discussions at this year's ISC conference, NWSL groups shared the importance of working through the existing groups and not having an MLS group do its own thing. So thanks to the Spirit Squadron for working with the SEs and inviting us into their section.

4. Do you think more people will be joining Spirit Squadron now and supporting the Washington Spirit? Well on the night there are at least a couple new Spirit Squadron members from Screaming Eagles! This sort of event needs to be replicated to have more long-term impact. Luckily we have the opportunity to do that soon with some Spirit matches to be played at Audi Field in DC.

5. Are there any other thoughts about the event? The Spirit Squadron drummers kick ass.

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