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Statement Regarding MLS' Return To Play

The Independent Supporters Council and its member organizations stand firmly behind the players in this month’s tournament. While we all eagerly await the day that we can return to our home fields, we’re willing to wait as long as it takes for that return to play to be safely carried out. We have and will continue to support any players or teams that do not feel as though they can safely participate in the MLS is Back tournament, while at the same time we express our enthusiasm that professional soccer is returning to play.

We look forward to seeing continued adherence to strict safety protocols, and we hope that this tournament will be held safely and wisely, both for the players who will participate and the team and league staffs who join them in the “bubble”. We offer our best wishes to the players, staff, and fans of the two teams that have been withdrawn from the competition and we look forward to their respective returns to play as well.

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