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Meet Black Diamonds

Leading up to our 2021 Juneteenth celebrations, the Independent Supporters Council is introducing you to some of the black culture supporter groups in the United States. We encourage you to read about their stories and support them through amplifying their messages, participating in their events, or any other way possible.

Black Diamonds - New Mexico United Twitter - @blackdiamondsnm // Instagram - @blackdiamondsnm //

Facebook - /BlackDiamondsNM

When did Black Diamonds form? Black Diamonds formed in 2021.

Why did Black Diamonds form? We started the group to see more representation of the Black community in the stands not just on the pitch.

What does Juneteenth mean to Black Diamonds? I feel supporting, and honoring Juneteenth as a supporters group is important as it continues to spread the knowledge and rich history of Juneteenth not only to soccer fans, but to help wake up the rest of New Mexico to how important Black Independence Day is, why it's special, and why it is critical to amplify visibility as we now move toward Juneteenth's inclusion as a federal holiday. - Lucas Vigil, co-founder

Is your group doing anything to celebrate Juneteenth? If so, tell us about what you're working on.

We collaborated with The Curse on a banner for ISC"s Juneteenth Celebration that was shown at New Mexico United's Juneteenth match. The Curse felt it was important that the messaging come from Black Diamonds. We are working on a Juneteenth T-shirt to celebrate the contributions of Black players and coaches to New Mexico United. We will also be out at the New Mexico Juneteenth Festival at the Civic Plaza.

How can people join your group or support your group?

Come out to the tailgates, stand with us at matches, and/or attend Black Diamonds events. Follow and share us on all social media platforms.


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