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ACTS NWSL Challenge Cup Fundraiser Update

To date, the ACTS NWSL Challenge Cup Fundraiser has raised over $7000 in committed pledges for the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake (UICSL). One of the many UICSL programs that will benefit from those donations is their Girls on the Run initiative.

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a nationwide program that aims to empower girls to recognize their self-worth and potential through lessons, discussions, activities, and of course running. The UICSL council of GOTR serves Native American girls in the Salt Lake City area. Girls are grouped according to grade – 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th – which allows them to focus on issues that are specific to their age groups.

GOTR follows a 10 week course curriculum that blends physical activities with team building, problem solving, goal setting, and self-care. The UICSL course culminates with the annual Girls on the Run Utah 5k, which brings together GOTR participants from throughout the state of Utah.

What makes the UICSL GOTR program special is that it connects Native American girls in the Salt Lake City region. “What we’ve found is that the girls really like the friendships and interactions they have during the training. In their schools they might be the only Native in their class, so by coming here they get to be around other girls like them.” states Penelope Pinnecoose, Youth Program Coordinator.

To help boost UICSL programs such as Girls on the Run, make a pledge to the ACTS NWSL Challenge Cup Fundraiser at

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